Overcoming Fears & Phobias

Are fears and phobias stopping you living your best life?

Phobias are far more common than many people realise. It is estimated that more than 11% of the population have some kind of irrational fear and unwanted responses to animals, insects, objects, actions, places or traveling, so you are DEFINITELY not alone.

How to overcome
your fears or phobias

People often describe their reaction to something as being ‘paralysed with fear’ or ‘having butterflies in my stomach’ or ‘just wanting to run away’ from whatever is triggering the response. 

Those with phobias often know that their response is irrational, making it harder to understand or accept, and this can be really debilitating.

Hypnotherapy, and Rapid Transformational Therapy© in particular, is a really powerful and effective tool for overcoming fears and phobias of any kind. Phobias work on a subconscious level, which means that no matter how much we tell ourselves that XYZ isn’t life-threatening, our minds and bodies still react with fear.

The aim of hypnotherapy is to communicate with the subconscious and change the way you feel and behave towards your phobia. It’s safe, gentle and supremely effective.

What You Get With This Service?


I empower my clients by encouraging self-awareness, growth, and resilience. I help my clients tap into their strengths and resources to overcome challenges and to achieve their therapeutic and life goals.

Safe Hands

All clients must know they are in safe hands, which is why I provide a friendly, caring and compassionate approach while maintaining complete confidence with my clients.

Unique Approach

Having helped many clients, and studied numerous modalities, I have crafted a unique approach to treating people using a combination of techniques gained as a coach, therapist & healer.


I show genuine concern, understanding and empathy towards all my clients, and establish a positive and supportive therapeutic relationship. My therapy is entirely non-judgemental and in complete confidence.


I create a supportive environment for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, heal from past traumas, and develop coping strategies for the future. It foster a strong therapeutic alliance, which is essential for successful outcomes.

Safe Space

As a compassionate therapist, I create a safe and non-judgemental space where clients feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Investing In Yourself


Perfect For New Clients
£ 200
  • 30 Minutes Intro Session
  • 1 x 60 Minute Roadmap Session
  • Session Email Summary
  • Personalised Plan


Really Up For Change
£ 525
  • 30 Minutes Intro Session
  • 1 x 60 minute Roadmap Session
  • Session Email Summary
  • 1 X RTT/QJH Session + Follow Up


Long Term Commitment
£ 875
  • 30 Minutes Intro Session
  • 1 x 60 minute Roadmap Session
  • 6 x 45 minute Coaching Sessions
  • Session Email Summary
  • Daily Accountability


Top Up Sessions
£ 125
  • 1 x 60 Minute Coaching Session
  • Session Email Summary
  • NOTE: For Existing Clients Only

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